Himag Planar Magnetics Limited
(Formerly Planar Magnetics Limited)

Himag Planar Magnetics Ltd., formerly Planar Magnetics Ltd., has pioneered planar transformer technology in the UK since 1996.  The Himag Planar Magnetics engineering team have developed planar transformers within the 35W to 58kW power range, as well as fully developing bespoke power converters utilising planar technology.  This design facility is an essential part of the Himag Planar Magnetics organisation.  Planar transformer technology is still in its infancy for many companies, so being able to access our extensive planar technology experience is invaluable when developing new projects.

Himag Planar Magnetics offers a one-stop planar transformer service; from your initial design concept right through to volume production.  We aim to work alongside our customer throughout the design lifecycle, from the drawing board to the finished product.  Flexibility is our ethos: we design planar transformers to suit your specific requirements, rather than expecting you to adapt your design to accommodate one of our standard parts. 

Himag Planar Magnetics currently exports over 30% of its transformer production, with major markets in Europe, the USA and Canada. Our products hold full UL approval, and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.  We are proud to say we have in excess of a million planar transformers operating in the field.  The aim of the company is to establish the planar transformer as the first choice for the Electronic Engineer when developing high frequency switching power circuits.

All of our business, including R&D and manufacturing, is conducted from our factory in the UK.  Situated near Bristol in south-west England, it provides easy access to all points of the UK, as well as all major international export hubs.


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Himag Planar Magnetics Limited, Unit A the Aquarius Centre, Edison Close, Waterwells Business Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 2FN, United Kingdom
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